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Sony BM-575 Analog Recorder

The Sony BM-575 portable recorder features slide switch operation, voice operated recording, lock switch, dictate/conference switch, fast playback function, fast forward/cue, LED record/battery indicator, 3-digit...
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FTR Courtroom Recorder

The FTR Reporter and FTR Reporter A/V are software-based solutions for capturing, annotating, playing back and managing the record of proceedings. Key features include: Confidence...
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Philips 388 Portable Recorder

The Philips 388 pocket memo key benefits include: Internal recharge option for recharging batteries during use; voice activated recording for hands-free dictation; and fast...
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Philips 488 Portable Recorder

The Pocket Memo 488 key benefits include: End-of-letter index tone to indicate the start of each document and number of recordings; sensitivity switch for conference...
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Philips 588 Pocket Memo

Easy prioritization is the strength of the Pocket Memo 588. The index tone allows users to mark individual documents, set prioriies and identify them easily...
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Philips 720 Desktop Dictation Device

The key benefits of the Philips 720 include: Quick access to the start of the next job with search forward and skip functions; fast return...
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Philips 725 Desktop Dictation Device

The Philips 725 is a cassette-based dictation desktop that ensures user-friendly dictation of the highest professional quality. An LCD lists all of the information needed...
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Philips 9600 Pocket Memo

The Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600 series sets new standards in advanced functionality and style. Voice commands, on-board file encryption and password protection are but...
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Philips 9610 Pocket Memo

The Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9610 sets new standards in advanced functionality and style. Key features include: Voice commands; on-board file encryption and password protection;...
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