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Olympus DS-7000 Digital Recorder

The DS-7000 features real-time 256-bit file encryption, a redesigned, independently housed microphone, enhanced battery life and next-generation Olympus Dictation Management Systems (ODMS) software....
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Original Muratec Supplies

SBM carries a full range of Muratec Fax Machine Supplies. We offer both Factory Originals and High Quality Refurbished!...
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Philips 388 Portable Recorder

The Philips 388 pocket memo key benefits include: Internal recharge option for recharging batteries during use; voice activated recording for hands-free dictation; and fast...
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Philips 488 Portable Recorder

The Pocket Memo 488 key benefits include: End-of-letter index tone to indicate the start of each document and number of recordings; sensitivity switch for conference...
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Philips 5262 SpeechMike

The Philips 5262 SpeechMike Classic provides users total control over dictation and PC navigation in one lightweight unit. It allows users to record dictations directly...
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Philips 5272 SpeechMike Classic

The Philips 5272 SpeechMike Classic gives users total control over dictation and PC navigation in one lightweight unit. Users can record dictations directly to computers...
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Philips 5274 SpeechMike

The Philips 5274 SpeechMike features programmable buttons, inserting and overwriting modes, an ergonomic design, superb sound quality ideal for speech recognition, speech recognition capabilities and...
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Philips 5276 SpeechMike Pro Plus

The Philips 5276 SpeechMike Pro Plus allows users to dictate directly onto their computers. Uniting a dictation microphone, playback speakers, dictation control and PC navigation...
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Philips 5282 SpeechMike Barcode Classic Scanner

The Philips 5282 SpeechMike Barcode Classic Scanner includes an integrated barcode scanner that swiftly retrieves patient or client identification information simply by scanning a barcode....
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Philips 5284 SpeechMike Barcode

The Philips 5284 allows users to attach patient or client information to dictations and securely allocate the data to the relevant file. This device boasts...
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