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Motorola SmartZone Trunked Radio System

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The Motorola SmartZone Trunked Radio System is designed to meet the mission-critical needs of trunked radio users worldwide, providing reliable and cost-effective digital voice recording, storage and playback. The Trunked Radio System records virtually all call types present on the MGEG-AEB T1 or E1 links: talkgroup calls, telephone interconnects, and half duplex and full duplex private calls. The Audiolog supports voice compression rates down to G. 723.1 5.3kb/s as standard. The DVD-RAM archive drive fitted to the CAS supports the two-sided 9.4GB DVD-RAM media, storing a total of 3750 channel hours. The voice recordings and call details (talkgroup, time, and date) are stored on the same piece of media for added security and resilience. Audiolog supports live monitoring of talkgroups for authorized users. *3750 channel hours using G723.1 5.3kb/s speech CODEC